Marcel Duchamp, Etant Donnes, 1946-66, Installation 

ABOUT THE IMAGE: This extraordinary piece actually contains three different elements; the door, and the two images seen through the door (The Waterfall and The Illuminating Gas). The wooden door has two peepholes and when you look through, your role changes from viewer to voyeur. Inside the is a woman who, to be frank, is lying spread eagle holding a gas lamp. During the construction of this piece Duchamp carried on an affair with Maria Martin, the wife of a Brazilian ambassador, who served as the model for Etant Donnes.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Marcel Duchamp was born in Blainville-Cravon, France on July 28,1887 (death October 2, 1968). He is known as the creator of the Ready-Made, and is associated with Dadaism. Duchamp was more than just an artist, he was an writer and a chess player. 

TALK BACK: This piece is regarded as both sculpture and installation art; which do you think it is?